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Blantech Imports is currently an online-based retailing store however all orders are dispatched from East Trinidad.

Blantech Imports is an online-based technology device and accessories retailing store. Our business was founded in November 2015 and for the last five (5) years we have been providing our products and services throughout Trinidad and Tobago to our clients.

Our business hours are Monday – Saturday between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm.

Yes, We do provide customized orders for clients if requested.

Currently, the channels to place an order with Blantech Imports are as follows:


At Blantech Imports, we currently ship your purchases with TTpost or a preferred courier shipping company depending on your geographical location. See shipping details here.

The timeframe to receive your order would depend on the shipping method chosen at checkout.

Yes, We do offer nationwide shipping to all areas of Trinidad & Tobago. 

Yes, Once your order was placed before 9 am on a given day we can make arrangements to have your purchase delivered on the same day, once requested during your checkout process. 

Exceptions are given for orders being delivered within certain geographic locations

Our current shipping costs at Blantech Imports are as follows:

  • TTpost – TT$25.00
  • Courier Shipping – TT$35.00
  • Same/Next Day – TT$50.00


Our payment methods are as follows:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Linx or Visa debit cards
  • Visa or MasterCard
  • Wipay – Voucher
  • Paywise 
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum)

No, our prices do not include shipping. Shipping costs are added during your checkout process.

Our products are priced in TTD (Trinidad and Tobago Dollar).

No, we do not offer the service of trade-ins. 

No, we do not offer the service of hire purchase.


Yes, Blantech Imports provides our clients with a one (1) year warranty for all our mobile device purchases. Based on manufacturer’s defects we also offer a Limited five (5) day warranty for defective products. 

The following options can void your warranty: 

  • Damages caused by accidents, theft, spillage, electrical problems at premises where your product is used, and fire damage. 

  • Repairs were carried out on the device by non-authorized technicians. 

  • Misuse of device or accidental damage (rooting or jailbreaking) causing device unable to be used.

  • Usage of third-party accessories not sold with the device.