Spigen Thin Fit Case For iPhone 7 Plus


  • Pocket-friendly and form-fitted
  • Includes a slot for Quantum Neodymium Magnetic Plate (QNMP) making it compatible with the Spigen magnetic car mount
  • Open buttons offer quick and easy accessibility
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 7 Plus (2016)


Spigen Thin Fit is the second thinnest in the Spigen family! Spigen Thin Fit was crafted for the minimalists that desire to keep their phones protected and pocket-friendly. The Thin Fit is made of premium polycarbonate that makes it extremely lightweight and bulk-free. The case provides an opening for all buttons for simple accessibility as well as a slot for magnetic car mounts.

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Jet Black, Rose Gold


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Spigen Thin Fit Case Rose Gold For iPhone 7 Plus
Spigen Thin Fit Case For iPhone 7 Plus



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